Autonomous Solutions

We create on-board computer solutions enabling humans to train robotic agents to be safe and useful.
Physically and virtually

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Join us at the Embedded World 2021
Five full days of companies and products presentations, knowledge sharing, lectures on various themes and application examples, matchmaking and networking.

At the Embedded World 2021 showcase, Fast Sense Studio will demonstrate Fast Sense X Robotics AI Platform - a powerful x86 on-board computer bringing scalable Edge AI capabilities to mobile robotics.

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Reliability is what we are developing

We are driven to design, create and assemble end-to-end robotic systems to help people achieve a new level of productivity. We believe in the future where reliable physical agents become relevant for routine tasks that most of us perform today
People interact with devices that they can trust. Think of personal vehicles, trains, airplanes. Even mobile phones and tablets. Unless we know such human-built masterpieces won't hurt us and our surroundings - we never gonna use them in our daily life

Reliability is what we are working on today creating the environment for robots to process a large amount of data onboard, learning from it and making independent as well as safe and reliable decisions. We design this platform to be open-ended, be connected to sensors required for a particular mission and have sufficient hardware resources to process designated code

On our way to build general platform for a great number of use cases

Our team is inspired to develop universal reasoning system applied across different classes of physical agents (UAVs, wheeled platforms, manipulators, etc.) bringing closer the era of general intelligence
  • Open-ended platform fusing data from different classes of sensors
  • Integration with AI-powered tools
  • Visual odometry for route planning and travel safety
  • Telepresence mode for human-based control of selected tasks

Fast Sense X

Computing hardware
Fast Sense X Robotics AI Platform with scalable Edge AI capabilities
3D Navigation with obstacle avoidance
AI-powered pose estimation
Data processing algos
Integration with Robotics Platforms
Wheel based

Powerful on-board computer bringing scalable Edge AI capabilities to mobile robotics

It consists of single board COM Express module with Intel CPU, set of edge AI accelerators to inference several neural nets on-board in real time and has numerous hardware interfaces to robotic sensors and actuators. AI accelerators are connected using M.2 PCIe interface and can be scaled depending on the task. It is shipped as ready to use device with software examples of running ROS algorithms with integrated neural nets meaningful for robotic applications running in isolated Docker containers.

Integration with Robotic Platforms

Wheel Based
Your Robotic

Try Fast Sense X for your robotic platform

Request customization of your robotic platform adding AI-navigation module with route-planning and positioning software