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Intelligence on the edge is the future of robotics

We are driven to design, create and assemble end-to-end robotic systems that help people achieve a new level of productivity. We believe in the future where reliable physical agents become relevant for routine tasks that most of us perform today

  • Ilya Sedoshkin
    Co-founder, Business
    • Serial entrepreneur. Over the last 10 years launched and developed one of the leading global HFT platforms with 30+ olympic prize winners of the global developers competitions
    • Believer of exponential growth concept exploring deep-tech technologies and R&D trends
    • Talent-hub connecting the dots between technology leaders and labs
    • Alumni member of the innovation programs at Stanford and Singularity University

  • Igor Kovrigin
    Co-founder, Business
    • Leads business development, customer development and investment streams for Labs and businesses
    • Discovers the way applied research can be transformed into mass-market products
    • Builds partnership and promotes collaboration with potential clients globally
    • Long track record of working with startups and helping with product development, global growth and fundraising
    • 12 years in top-tier investment banks including Morgan Stanley. Worked with C-level executives of the leading EMEA banks and corporates
    • Mentored start-up for top-tier UK accelerator
    • Alumni member of innovation programs at Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Skolkovo Business Education programs

  • Yuri Rumyantsev
    Co-founder, Technology
    • Technology visionary for general intelligence of physical agents
    • Leads applied research as well as product development for specific business cases
    • Created proprietary computer-vision based navigation for UAV systems integrating algorithms as well as Robotics and UAV flight control systems
    • Leads hardware and computer vision projects in Moscow State University (which he had graduated from
    in the past:
    • FPGA engineer in the High-Performance Computing field. Implementation of molecular dynamics modeling algorithm on FPGA achieving 15x speedup compared to CPU.
    • Spent 2 years with one of the leading HFT trading company developing FPGA based network interface card for ultra-low latency trading applications.

Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds
Navy SEAL saying
Our team
  • Evgeniy Prokhorov
    Drone development
  • Anton Stepanov
    Head of HW Development
  • Konstantin Yamshanov
    Software Engineer
  • Edward Paul
    Software Engineer
  • Ruslan Bainazarov
    Senior ML Researcher
  • Egor Alexandrov
    Robotics Web Engineer
  • Kontantin Petrykin
    Software Engineer
  • Alexey Budyakov
    Software Engineer
  • Volga Bogoslovskiy
    Software Engineer
  • Elvira Lebedeva
    Marketing Director
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We are building a great team to solve great challenges. Fast Sense is inviting PhD field experts in the areas of [computer vision, robotics, hardware, etc. ] to lead applied research and convert your technological ideas into the real world applied products. We offer young engineers and developers a unique opportunity to gain expertise working together with highly experienced team members as well as partnered university labs
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