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Fast Sense X navigation suite is installed on UAV to perform fully-autonomous or semi-autonomous in-door flights. Collision-avoidance and route planning algorithms make drones a reliable instrument for in-door missions in hands of any employees. The current solution opens new ways to perform inspection & data collection services across the segments of Industry 4.0
Selected cases
Autonomous warehouse stock-taking by drone

Inventory drones

Automated inventory management and cycle counting to increase warehouse fulfillment and reduce put-away errors causing huge losses due to delayed deliveries or goods losses. New tool for a full replacement of manual inventory management process
10x faster + times saving
Drone-powered inspections for Industry 4.0
Inspection drones

The drone is an easy-to-operate tool for Industry 4.0 applications to perform inspections of hazardous areas in GPS-denied environment.
  • Equipment monitoring, inspection of hazardous industrial zones and hard-to-reach structures for the following industries: oil and gas, energy, mining, chemical, heavy machinery, etc.
  • Regular inspections and maintenance of chimneys, blast furnaces, gas boilers, tanks, flare stacks, pipe wrecks
  • Electrical wire inspection in subway tunnels
  • Bridges inspection

Drone-powered inspections create huge benefits for enterprises

High-quality visual support for better maintenance planning
Increased safety of operations, work at height and confined spaces
Reduced inspection costs by performing more thorough and frequent visual inspections

There are business opportunity to deploy drones at you site

Use cases for particular industries require certain customization of sensors and data processing. Our team is ready to work on your particular requests to build safe and reliable inspection system for your business
Our system can be installed on outdoor drones to improve their take-off /landing safety, flights in complex urban environment. On-board route planning and obstacle detection & avoidance features change the safety paradigm for drone flights, even when the base station signal is lost completely

Become a partner and install our safety on-board system to your drone

Become a partner and install our safety on-board system to your device