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Increasing work quality by new level of sensitive technologies

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We are here to bring Level-4 autonomy. In-door

Fast Sense creates a solution for industrial companies to automate production and increase safety and efficiency of internal processes.

Don't need to hire a professional pilot

No costly worker safety setups, worker permitting and training, or infrastructure required. 

Our drones successfully do their work  regardless of zone accessibility, physical and chemical barriers.

Don't need to upgrade your facility

Navigation software based on computer vision allows to provide safe and autonomous flights without any additional beacons or cameras installed to your facility.

Inspect anywhere and anytime

Unmanned drones that do not depend on GPS and skill of pilot become a useful instrument in a variety of business needs: monitoring on factories, stock audits, field research or construction inspection.

We don’t just build drones.

We push business to a new age of innovations.

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Why Level-4 autonomy for your business:

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